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Post Date:                          January 29, 2017

Title:                                   Service Technician

City:                                    Gulfport

State:                                  MS

Work Hours:                      Mon-Fri   8am-5pm



All Seasons Farm Equipment (ASFE) is searching for an experience Service Technician (Service Tech).

In this position, the right candidate will demonstrate proficiency in the diagnosing and repair of a wide variety of agricultural and outdoor power equipment.

The right candidate will be required to independently perform basic and complex diagnostic and service repair to include, not limited to the following:

·        Engines (gas/diesel)

·        Powertrain (differentials/transmissions/clutches/drive shafts)

·        Power take off systems

·        Electrical systems

·        Hydraulic systems

·        Electronics (ECM’s/ECU’s/sensors)

The Service Tech will report directly to the Service Manager and adhere to ASFE Parts and Service Procedure as well as core values of integrity, communication, safety, employee development and accountability. 

Duties and Tasks

ü  Recondition and repair of tractors and outdoor power equipment

ü  Perform diagnostic inspections as directed

o   All inspections are to completed with cause of failure identified

o   Makes certain that work assignment is correct and must ask for clarification if there are questions

ü  Recondition and repair of equipment and components

o   Plan methods and sequence of performing repairs assigned

o   Order all parts and materials required to perform assigned repairs

o   Effect the repairs required in a safe and effective manner

o   Ensure that all repairs are completed as assigned

o   Ensure the cleanliness of the customer’s equipment upon completion as required

o   Ensure all parts and materials not used are returned per guidelines

o   Maintain the work area in a clean and safe condition

o   Problem solving and trouble-shooting

ü  Performs setup or pre-delivery inspections on new or used equipment as directed by the manufacturer’s manual  

ü  Maintain good working records for time, parts, supplies and outside purchases during repairs

o   All record keeping methods are followed as per ASFE Parts and Service Procedure

o   Ensure that all record kept are legible and in compliance with ASFE Parts and Service Procedure

ü  Maintain and care for shop tools, equipment and vehicles

o   All tools and special equipment used on repairs are to be cleaned before their return

o   All specialty tools used on any repair is to be returned to the original location and in good working condition

ü  Responsible for checking of e-mail correspondence and associated attachment

ü  Read and intrepid operating/maintenance and procedure manuals

ü  Apply common sense in order to carry out written or oral instructions


               High school diploma or GED equivalent


Minimum of 2+ years of experience in equipment maintenance and Basic Service Technical certification preferred

Physical Requirements

               Have the ability to lift at least 75ibs repeatedly

               May be subject to sitting, standing, climbing, grasping, reaching, stooping, crouching


               Valid State Driver’s License

               Valid Commercial Driver’s License (preferred)

               Technical School and/or Trade School Certification


               Criminal background check

               Drug Screening

Core Values

1.      Communication

a.      All communications with customers is in a manner reflecting respect and honesty

b.      Engage in an open, honest and constructive conversation with co-workers

c.      Information shared should be complete and accurate, as well as appropriate both in content and audience

d.      Build good working relationship with management and co-workers

e.      Be approachable and be accepting of constructive feedback as a way to learn

f.       Respect and maintain confidentiality

2.      Integrity

a.      Avoid situations which would be considered inappropriate

b.      Avoid participation in rumors, gossip and subjective opinions

c.      Exhibit honesty and trustworthiness

1.      Safety  

a.      Perform all work, equipment and vehicle operation in a safe and responsible manner

b.      Check work area for hazards

c.      Recognize, correct and report any unsafe situations posed by yourself or others

d.      Comply with any and all policies and procedures when performing repairs

e.      Recognize and prevent any on the job accidents

2.      Employee Development

a.      Be willing to show initiative

b.      Seek opportunities for professional growth and skill development

c.      Attend training classes when directed by the Service Manager

3.      Accountability

a.      Accept personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work

b.      Must meet goals and deadlines assigned

c.      Take ownership of assignments and admit to mistakes in spite of potential negative consequences

All Seasons Farm Equipment was established in 2001 and has grown to be an exclusive New Holland Equipment Dealership specializing in Agriculture and Outdoor Power Equipment.  We offer a competitive benefit package which includes paid vacations and holidays, as well as an incentive/bonus program


This job description is only a summary of typical functions of the job, and not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks and duties.

Responsibilities, tasks and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined in this job description, and that other duties as assigned, might be part of the job.


Resumes can be forwarded to David Long at the following e-mail:



Please, no phone calls








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